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About me

I am a psychotherapist in the process of master's certification in the Positive Psychotherapy method. I am honing my professional skills at the Wrocław Institute of Psychotherapy, Poland, where I have also completed a basic consultant degree in the aforementioned method.

What is

Positive Psychotherapy

Positive psychotherapy is a method that originated in the 1960s in Germany. Although it is rooted in the psychodynamic current, it differs from it in many respects. Positive psychotherapy primarily emphasises the mobilisation of the client's existing capacities and potential for self-help rather than focusing all the attention on the problem, which in this view arises from internal, predominantly unconscious conflicts.

Positive psychotherapy

How can we meet?

I offer the possibility of in-office and online meetings via Skype.

Therapy in person in Wroclaw

Two locations to choose from:

Market Square




TEL: (+48) 692 338 381

Positive psychotherapy


170 PLN

Initial consultation 50 minutes

170 PLN

Individual therapy 50 minutes

250 PLN

Couples therapy 60 minutes

Bank accounts:

PLN: 42109025900000000155643598

EUR: PL69109025900000000155669496


Positive psychotherapy


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